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Kris Allen

February 20, 2013

Selected American Idol in Season 7, Kris Allen showed his stuff on stage in Aspen as the guest of the Associates. He had five songs on the Billboard charts and his song "No Boundaries" reached No. 1 on the iTunes chart following the end of the Idol season.

When Kris Allen was born on June 21, 1985, his dad gave up his music career and went to work at a car dealership to support his family. Kris’ talent was apparent as early as the fourth grade, when he learned to play the viola and joined the school orchestra. Kris never took a lesson, so his guitar-playing was entirely self-taught. By the time he enrolled in college, he knew he wanted to play music professionally.

Though not an avid television viewer—Kris and his wife Katy Allen don’t own a TV—Kris did see the Season 6 episodes of American Idol when his friend Sean Michel won praise from the judges during his audition. “It was great to see someone from Arkansas make it to Hollywood.”

Living with his parents during season 7, Kris became hooked on American Idol. In July 2008, Kris’ brother Daniel decided to audition in Louisville, Kentucky, and asked Kris and a friend to go with him. Kris and Daniel survived the first round of judging but only Kris made it in to see Simon, Paula, Randy, and Kara. Kris made it from Hollywood week to the top 36 to the top 12 and survived elimination week after week, heading into the finale with Adam Lambert. When Ryan Seacrest read the name of the winner, after a long pause he said, “Kris Allen.”

Since the finale, Kris has had multiple songs appear on the Billboard charts. “That was crazy!” he exclaims. “Four months before that we were all unknown. That first moment I knew I had five songs on the Billboard chart was very cool.” At the same time, his finale song “No Boundaries” was No. 1 on the iTunes chart. Kris found out when a friend sent him a text message. “I had no idea. That was crazy, too!”

This performance was co-sponsored with the Wheeler Opera House.

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